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Media Release: VIC (BENSON) – Two years good behaviour bond for offences against the Bankruptcy Act

This article was sourced from Australian Financial Security Authority. Ms Alison Jane BENSON of Upper Ferntree Gully, Victoria, was sentenced on 4 May 2017 after pleading guilty to offences of removing part of her property to the value of $20 or more, and signing a declaration contained in her Statement of Affairs that she knew to […]

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Twelve month good behaviour bond for offence against the Bankruptcy Act

This media release was sourced from Australian Financial Security Authority. Media release: NSW (ROSENBERG) Mr Gary Steven Rosenberg of St Ives, New South Wales, was sentenced on 21 February 2017 after pleading guilty to an offence of materially contributing to his insolvency by gambling. Mr Rosenberg filed for voluntary bankruptcy in June 2014. Between June […]

Insolvency Law Change 2017
Bankruptcy Insolvency

Australian Bankruptcy Laws commencing 1 March 2017

This article was sourced from Insolvency Interface. Article by Peter Keenan. Some of the changes to the Australia’s bankruptcy legislation approved when the Insolvency Law Reform Act was passed in 2016 will commence on 1 March 2017. The Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA), the regulator of the Bankruptcy Act, has issued a table listing those […]